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Renewables Supply

Offshore renewable energy is at the forefront of many strategic growth plans and high on the agenda with regards to emissions targets for energy provision too. Strachans are ready to support your offshore renewables work in any location globally and already support a number of windfarm projects in the EU and beyond.

Renewables Supply

Growth in this sector will require more and more vessels to support the industry all with their own supply chain requirements. Strachans are ready to support you on any project no matter how big or small and will be ready to adapt our supply chain to meet your needs.

We have our own fleet of trucks and the infrastructure to support quayside, dolav box or containerised supply to your vessels during their project work offshore. Our branch network and experience of the energy sector mean we are best placed to provide the expert care you are looking for.

Strachans can support with the supply of provisions, stores, technical goods and manage 3rd party or owners goods in the business too. Let us handle your needs through one of our offshore energy branches and let you focus on the provision of clean energy for our future for the benefit of our environment.

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